Surrounded by Water

Cross Rip Gallery, Rt 28, Harwich Port, MA 02646

Wed, September 04, 2019

Artist's Statement: Moving every grain of sand in a natural system of reconfiguration, powerful storms, winds, and waves erode barrier beaches and man-made embankments. Collapsing Dunes documents the escarpment erosion caused by increasing sea levels on Nantucket Sound-facing dunes. Grasses, vines and shrubs once stabilizing the ridge line, dangle by their roots breaking away from life.

*Backstory: By the mid-20th century, the outlet from Stage Harbor to Chatham Harbor and the Atlantic just south of Morris Island was filling with sand faster than the Town could keep it open. In 1962, a new inlet to Stage Harbor was dredged to allow larger fishing boats and keel boats an easier entry into that large anchorage and mooring area…the dredged materials were pumped and piped east to form Crescent Beach.

Photo by Richard Cooper Kelsey, KELSEY AIRVIEWS, 1961

 *Excerpts from Chatham Waters and Shorelines:

Cross Rip Gallery expands its reach into the diverse nature of creative imagination with its Invitational Exhibit: Surrounded by Water, September 12th-October 13th. Guest artists Joyce Zavorskas, Barbara Ford Doyle, Matthew Bielen, Greg DeLory, Yvonne Lamothe and Ann Guiliani join Suzanne M. Packer, Heather Blume, Kate Nelson, Liz Perry, Richard Perry, John Howard, Martha Holden, Leah McCormick, Alla Zbinovsky, Ellen C. Davies, Hollis Fortune, Dianne Longchamps, Georgene Riedl, Leslie Kramer and Tom Wilson Jones to present inspired and thoughtful paintings, sculptures, photographs, reliefs and collages.

Cross Rip Gallery, 486 Rt. 28, Harwich Port, MA 02646

Opening Reception: Friday, September 13, 5-7PM