Photo Inkjet Transfer Printmaking Workshop: Cotuit Center for the Arts

Workshop photos…and kind words

Sun, May 12, 2019

There are no failures, only unexpected results. It wouldn’t be called an experiment if you knew what you were doing! Even things that don’t turn out right teach us something about process and tools. Scott Valentine, Photoshop User January 2014

Roger and I had a great time at your workshop. We both came away with enthusiasm and intention to continue experimenting with this process, and much of that was based on your teaching, knowledge and organized approach. Please, if you decide to give another workshop - let me know. Emilie Marks

So much information and experience crammed into two days! Your hard work and deep knowledge paid off for those lucky enough to attend. And of course your incredible organizational skills really shined!  Frank Winters

Thanks Barbara for the new information.  You worked so hard to give us the most info and opportunities in your carefully crafted workshop. I really appreciate your efforts. Kathleen Osol