Healing Nature

Mark Adams: Juror’s Statement

Fri, March 23, 2018


The idea of “healing nature” reads both ways. It could signify nature’s power to heal us through our immersive experiences in the world but it also reads as a strong admonition, with “healing” as a word of action. Artists are keen observers, participating deeply in the natural world, from the micro-world of the garden to the seafloors and wildernesses that we must strive to reach. The submissions were powerful and ranged from the subtle to the dramatic. First and foremost, I looked for visually strong and moving images. I was drawn particularly to work that came from a direct experience of the natural world. Also, works that expressed a human connection to our place in the natural world stood out. In art, there needn’t be an explicit message or an editorial — no matter how much the world needs all our articulate images to bring us closer to harmony with the environment. The themes of connection and healing and nature’s importance are all represented here, sometimes in intangible ways using visual languages that provoke questions and illuminate how the world works. Congratulations to all the artists for their accomplished work. It was gratifying to bring together such a diverse collection — from photography to printmaking to painting to sculpture. Together we hope to create in this exhibition, a little cosmos, a platform to observe nature keenly, to ask questions about the earth’s systems and to make commitments that these inspirations will continue to make life rich for those that follow us.​

Mark Adams is a cartographer/ geologist with the Cape Cod National Seashore and a painter represented by the Schoolhouse Gallery in Provincetown. His work was the subject of a 2017 retrospective at the Provincetown Art Association. He has exhibited in New England since the 1980s and lives in North Truro.

List of Participating Artists

1.   ADLER, Leslie – Ramsey, NJ
2.   ALLEN, Nick – San Rafael, CA
3.   BEGA, Pat – Shelburne Falls, MA
4.   BENNISSEN, Louisa – Merced, CA
5.   BEYLINSON, Yana – Staten Island, NY
6.   BLOW, Davis – Hickory Creek, TX
7.   BRODT, Craig – Centerville, MA
8.   CASEY Eileen – Sandwich, MA
9.   CHESNOVITCH, Ed – E. Sandwich, MA
10.    CLARKE, Jennifer – Green Valley, AZ
11.    CLEMENCE, Bryon – Boxborough, MA
12.    COES, Peter – Cummaquid, MA
13.    COFFIN, Alyssa – Providence, RI
14.    DALE, Andrea – Yucca Valley, CA
15.    DALTON, Marianne – Cazenovia, NY
16.    DeJONG, Pamela – Ashland, MA
17.    DILLON, Connie – Billings, MT
18.    DOYLE, Barbara Ford – Chatham, MA
19.    DUNN, Alanna – Bernardsville, NJ
20.    FLYTHE, Benjamin – East Boston, MA
21.    FRENCH, Marguerite – Enfield, CT
22.    GARRETT- METZ Erin - Manchester, MA
23.    GARRISON, Jeanne – Cambridge, MA
24.    GIPS, Terry – New Bedford, MA
25.    GOLDSMITH, Kathleen – New Hartford, CT
26.    HERNANDEZ, Alanna – Rockland, ME
27.    HONAN, Richard – Winthrop, MA
28.    JOHANN, Anne – Peekskill, NY
29.    KRUPP, Sandra Aarons – North Kingstown, RI
30.    LIDDELL, AnaMarie – Charlottesville, VA
31.    LORD, William – Maynard, MA
32.    MAKIN, Jessica – Fairfield, CT
33.    MCVETY, Katherine – Lincoln,MA
34.    MERLINO, Shelby – East Lansing, MI
35.    MISRA, Sarah – San Francisco, CA
36.    MOORE, Sally – Jamaica Plain, MA
37.    NEILL, Christine – Baltimore, MD
38.    NUEZ, Xavier – Chicago, IL
39.    PARADISE, Jane – Provincetown, MA
40.    PROCTOR, Ayanna – Indian Head, MD
41.    SCHUH, Victoria – Barnstable, MA
42.    SCHWARTZ, Lew – South Wellfleet, MA
43.    SIMPSON, James – Rock Hill, SC
44.    SONG, Qing – Ithaca, NY
45.    SOUZA, Jennifer de Mello e – Edmonds, WA
46.    SULLIVAN, Lyn – Houston, TX
47.    TAN, Wendy – Hays, KS
48.    TERMYN, Susan – Medfield, MA
49.    THEOFANOUS, Demetra – Mountain View, CA
50.    TUNNELL, Karen – Atlanta, GA
51.    TUTTLE, Sophy – Medford, MA
52.    URIBE, Gary – Fort Worth, TX
53.    WILDER, Laura – Rochester, NY
54.    WINNING, Nicole – New Bedford, MA
55.    WOODMAN, Gretchen – Nottingham, NH
56.    YOUNG, Laurence – Provincetown, MA