Digital Photo Transfer Workshop

Please let us know if you do it again!

Mon, September 01, 2014

Saturday, August 30th I gave my first "hands-on" transfer workshop at Rebecca Sher's 28 & Bank Studio in Harwich Port on Cape Cod. Eight people sent me some images which I edited and printed on DASS™ film. Here is some feedback from Kathie: Thank YOU!  I thought your workshop was just the right combination of information combined with the opportunity for each of us to make successful transfers.  I really appreciated the time and effort you put into organizing the whole thing. Information and production time seemed perfect! Another thought for an extended workshop might be for participants to learn what makes a successful image.....perhaps analyzing a group of pictures for the best presentation. You could do a 2 day workshop! Anyway many thanks for sharing your passion!

This from Diane: Great job! We loved it. Joan says, "She still forgives you for messing up her print." Please let us know if you do it again...we will be there...fair warning. 

My comments: Yes. I did mess up Joan’s print. I didn’t hinge the DASS™ film properly to face down on the limestone paper. With nothing to lose, we flipped the film and pressed it into what was left of the gel medium. After about 3 minutes, we peeled back the film. Not the Blue Door in Venice, but a “happy accident” she intends to use for a Christmas card!