Exposure: Beneath the Layers

Tue, April 12, 2016


the act of exposing, laying open, or uncovering

unearthing, unmasking, weathering

the fact or state of being exposed

disclosure, as of something private or secret

Artist's Statement: Barbara Ford Doyle

Imagine an analogy—the likeness of sunbathers to yoga practitioners and sarcophagi. On both physical and spiritual levels, exposure to the sun connects humans to the universal giver of life — direct contact with nature’s warm pleasure of the sun. Stretched out, feet dropping to the side, sunbathers seem to assume a yoga finishing pose called Savasana or Corpse Pose. This pose is meant to provide time to connect with your peaceful innermost self. Photographed on the Amalfi Coast, Paulo and La Donna also resemble Roman sarcophagi and floor tombs with full-length sculptural portraits of the deceased in eternal relaxation. 

I separate each image into four colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK), and transfer the inks from a special film to thin sheets of mulberry paper. The papers can be reordered or left out of the “stack” for artistic effect. I alternate applications of encaustic medium to fuse the papers to birch boxes. What draws me to working this way is the degree of experimentation more interesting and definitely more hands-­‐on than direct inkjet printing.