ArtSynergies presents: Altered Realities

Cotuit Center for the Arts

Wed, October 06, 2021

Let me first talk about the subject mater: a mannequin is an idealized human figure. Mannequins are inanimate objects with an uncanny sense of aliveness. As substitutes for human beings, they become icons of art. I found this group standing on a sidewalk in NYC. At the time, I was also playing with multiple exposures, so you will see images of skyscrapers and windows. With one click of my camera, reality is altered., plus the headless mannequins seem to be out for a nightly stroll.

Secondly, a stereograph photograph is a simulated experience where two slightly offset images of the same scene are meant to trick your brain into synthesizing spatial depth. Stereoscopic cards were the original virtual reality of the late 1800s.  There are several ways still to make them including spending a lot of money for a stereographic camera. .. or using Adobe Photoshop’s tools to separate a single image into layers from light to dark, shifting the image and creating a a final photo with red and cyan fringes.  3-D glasses with red/cyan lenses are needed to properly view this image on screen or in the gallery. Cyan on your right eye, red on your left.