Church Ladies Read Series Description

Artists statement: Church Ladies

One Sunday, while on vacation in the Abaco Islands, I heard music pouring from the windows of a turquoise painted building. ALL ARE WELCOME was stenciled on the stone doorstep. It appeared not by accident that I was drawn into the fellowship of this Haitian church. My photographs are neither formal studio shots, nor are they casual street portraits—although my “studio” was in the shade of a building across from the church. That’s how Church Ladies started. It’s an on-going series.

By making a respectful connection with my subjects—even if a “sitting” is no more than five minutes—I try to capture the essence of the individual. I ask them to make eye contact with the camera, and for a few shots, not to smile.  My best photographs reflect an honest interaction between my subjects and me, resulting in a narrative portrait of beauty, dignity, and a sense of faith. 

There is one other portrait of Donnella who posed for me in Hope Town at St. James Methodist Church.

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